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The first, independent steps of a child is an important event for both the baby and his parents. From now on, it will be extremely important to ensure the safety of the awkward toddler. The comfortable and very practical First Step harness, which will protect the baby from falling, supports the process of learning to walk. Thanks to them, the adult can secure and control the speed and direction of the child's steps.

The harness for learning to walk is also a convenience for parents or guardians who no longer have to adopt an uncomfortable posture to hold a toddler by the hand. The harness for learning to walk is comfortable to put on - it has the form of a harness that is adjustable to the child's height, placed on the shoulders and under the armpits. A belay strap clipped in two places - symmetrically at the height of the shoulder blades. A strong buckle connecting the whole guarantees the safety of using the product.


  • help in learning to walk - protecting the child from falling
  • safety is guaranteed by a strong and reliable buckle
  • smooth adjustment of the harness allows you to adjust them to the child's height