WOOL Pants - mikk-line - Burlwood

  • 249,95 kr
    Stykpris pr. 
Inklusive moms.

These warm pants of merino wool are super soft and do not scratch. Simply because the fibers in the merino wool are thinner than in other varieties of wool. It makes the clothes ultra-soft and very comfortable to wear.
The wool pants are OEKO-TEX certified. That is your assurance that there hasn’t been used harmful chemicals in the production of the clothes.

• OEKO-TEX certified – no harmful chemicals
• Ultra soft wool - does not scratch
• The material is breathable. The sweat is transported away from the body before the clothes become clammy and wet.
• Merino wool is temperature regulating – it warms when it is cold and cools when it is warm
• The rib around the ankles ensure a great and comfortable fitting

• 95% Merino wool
• 5% Polyester